Five tips to get the best of the London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week takes place twice a year in February and September, showcasing over 250 designers to a global audience. According to the LFW website, the profits generated by this event are over £100m each season. The AW edition of the London Fashion Week brought us unforgettable moments and unique trends. Read more

Tips to increase traffic and sales this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and is an excellent opportunity for eCommerce brands and online retailers to increase traffic and sales. The options are numerous. From thematic landing pages and product recommendations to send special offers via email or update your keyword list to improve your search results. If you also have a personalisation platform like Recommend, the process is even more straightforward and automated. Read more

Best eCommerce and technology events in the UK and Europe in 2020

A new year and 365 new opportunities to expand our network of contacts, meet and do business with new partners, and offer our products and services to potential users. When it comes to eCommerce and retailers, conferences and events are the perfect places for identifying areas of opportunities and connecting with partners and providers that complement our business models. Read more

Data Privacy Day: What means for e-Commerce businesses

According to The Economist, the world’s most valuable resource is data, to the point of being considered the “oil of the digital age.” With the rise of personalisation and the implementation of artificial intelligence, a new concern arises on the horizon: data privacy. A truly personalised relationship between brands and customers is possible by accessing users’ personal information to analyse the data and predict behaviours. However, the negligent use of the data can have serious consequences.

Read more

How Augmented Reality (AR) is improving the customer experience

The use of augmented reality in the world of e-Commerce is a trend that has come to stay. Recently, Facebook and ASOS have decided to add this technology to their business models. The first with its new ad format using AR. The second implementing the technology in its purchase process for the first time in Europe. Read more

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