Holiday season but make it personal

Holiday Season-Personalization-Recommend

The holiday shopping season and special offers, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are unique opportunities for your brand to reach the most significant number of customers. These dates are ideal times to acquire new customers, re-involve overdue buyers and monetize the leading spenders.

You are aware of this. All brands, at all levels, too. Your message has to be relevant as well as the competitiveness of your prices. These are factors that will make your products stand out in an avalanche of offers. If you use a personalization platform such as Recommend, the data you have collected over time is your best ally.

Avoid generalisation

Sending dozens of generic messages during the holiday season, not only will not get the conversion margin you expect but will affect your database in the long term. This is when behavioural segmentation can be of great help. By knowing the purchase intention and interests of your visitors, you can create campaigns that recognise those characteristics. In this way, the user will feel heard, and the purchase intention will be guaranteed.

For example, by using our Smart Campaigns feature you can send specific offers to individual segments via email. Activate your user recovery campaign when they leave the shopping cart including emails and push notifications. Show complementary products as well as the best sellers to your website visitors. Send follow-up emails to ensure the loyalty of your users.


Take advantage of the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

While most brands will be sending messages with generic discounts during the holiday season, there is a segment of buyers that will not be served: those who buy certain brands or search specific categories. Take advantage of the FOMO phenomenon and create a sense of urgency in the face of particular offers. For example, include dynamic countdown timers and real-time popularity messages to product pages to show trends.

The idea is to make the offer unique by making it limited, “to certain people only”. The “fear of missing out” (FOMO) leads to people buying products and acquiring services for aspirational purposes. It makes them feel special, outstanding from the crowd. These users don’t want to feel left out, so they will ensure to be there before the time ends.

It’s Christmas time

The holiday season is, by definition, a time when consumers tend to overspend — gifts for the family, for co-workers, dinners. The month is full of reasons to go shopping. Using a strategy based on the history of purchases is not a proper technique at this time of the year. It is better to use recent browsing behaviour as a framework for suggestions. It is even advisable to experiment with the trend or popular products.

Purchase intentions during Christmas extend well beyond the interests of visitors, and it is here that artificial intelligence must make its appearance. For example, Recommend not only shows trending products to new visitors, and popular products to someone visiting a specific category. Our platform can determine which products to display based on their conversion, preference and availability of stock. This is what personalization is all about.