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Make It Personal

What you sell is unique, so is each one of your customers

Recommend allows your business to grow in the right direction while curating a personalised shopping experience for your visitors. Thanks to the power of data. 

Powered by AI, Recommend allows you to understand who’s on your website. Personalise their journey and shopping experience thanks to our dynamic platform.

We've been helping these great companies to increase their revenue and improve their conversion and retention rates:

The Future is here and is Personalisable

Brands and online retailers need to step-up the personalisation game by creating a one-of-kind journey to anticipate the consumer’s needs and desires.

The future of eCommerce platforms is to move away from seeing their audience as “Them” to addressing the “You”.

Empowering Retailers to Understand Consumers

Recommend is more than a retail personalisation platform.

It’s a self-learning dynamic system that provides your eCommerce business with the tools you need to increase revenue, drive conversions and get closer to those who really matter: Your Consumers.

With Recommend you will be able to captivate those online and bring their shopping vision to reality.

Powering 3,106,143,925 Personalised Recommendations so far
$ 9 3 , 6 1 0 , 5 0 5
In assisted revenue
And a 14% increase in conversion rate thanks to Recommend
Access a world of real-time statistics and customer insights, analyse and predict your visitor’s behaviour with our easy to use platform.