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Recommend is built by e-commerce specialists for e-commerce specialists.

Recommend Team Recommend Team
Recommend Team

As a team, our mission is to become your personalisation and 360º marketing solution.

We want to help retailers grow with easy-to-use tools powered by cutting edge technology (AI and machine learning).

Recommend was founded in 2014 by a team of expert developers and software engineers with thorough experience in the e-commerce industry. We have an extensive background in building some of the most significant e-commerce solutions and integrations in Europe.

Certainly, our knowledge and expertise led us to spot an opportunity in the market. Therefore, we’ve developed an easy-to-use, results-driven personalisation platform to help retailers increase revenue and drive sales. And, most importantly, to close the bridge between business and customers.

We are looking to disrupt the e-commerce software market by developing an innovative and dynamic self-learning system with almost zero human input.

Recommend Team Recommend Team
Recommend Team

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