Our Personalisation Platform for E-commerce

Focus on what’s important: Your customers

Your brand must move away from silos to focus on an integrated experience. Having a holistic omnichannel approach will help you understand your customers’ journey.

Our personalisation and 360º marketing solution will help you deliver a unique shopping experience, captivate new visitors, and recognise returning and loyal customers. 

Recommend provides a streamlined integration with your e-commerce website—a dynamic self-learning system with almost zero human involvement and administrative time.

On-site Personalisation: Understanding The Audience

From the moment your customers reach your website, several actions are happening in the background. Access a world of real-time statistics and customer insights. 

Our sophisticated data gathering system will collect information and analyse every action by your customers while browsing your website.


Personalised Recommendations

  • Suggest highly relevant products to your customers on the different touch points of their journey.
  • Show personalised content based on their browsing history.
  • Encourage visitors to explore other categories and display best-selling and trending options to increase average order values on checkout pages.

Smart Customer Segmentation

  • Gain insight into who they are and what they like.
  • Create segments based on browsing and purchasing history.
  • Display different homepage to new visitors or reward loyalty by welcoming return customers.

Dynamic Cross-Selling

  • Identify products that could satisfy additional needs.
  • Recommend complementary products to your customer’s purchase.
  • Build stronger customer relationships and generate more revenue.

Behavioural Targeting

  • Collect and analyse data from transactions, buying patterns and online journeys.
  • Identify high-value customers and effectively engage with lower-value customers.
  • Create transactional segments based on purchase history and order value.

Manage all your marketing communications, including email, on-site messages and push notifications, within the platform.

Our Automation Campaigns and Email & Push Campaigns are available to set up marketing automation, transactional messages and promotional campaigns. 

The module also includes the option to insert personalised product recommendations; manage subscriber lists; create segments; customise templates; track performance; analyse key metrics such as open, delivery, and click-through rates, all within a user-friendly visual interface.

Product Merchandising

Our Product Merchandising* takes product recommendations and cross-selling to the next level.

Show product recommendations based on popularity, conversion rate, sizes and availability, etc. Combined with our Visual Search, you can recommend visually similar items to enhance the shopping journey while spotting opportunities to increase conversions. 

*Currently available for Enterprise clients only since it requires a specific integration. We are working on making it available to all our clients via Recommend’s standard integration module.