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Connect with your customers

  • Deliver personalized recommendations in real-time
  • Transform your homepage with Best Sellers & Trending Products
  • Add Amazon-style recommendations based on browsing history
  • Showcase best selling products in each category
  • Empower dynamic cross-sells on product detail page
  • Improve user journeys by tracking product interactions

Discover real-time insights & analytics

Learn your customers likes and dislikes and analyse their behaviour through our easy to use platform. We help you to understand your customers in order to deliver them personalized shopping experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

Dramatically decrease your basket abandonment rate and recover those customers by sending them personalized emails. Access pre-designed email templates at your fingertips that are ready to go. Tailor several abandonment emails with specific triggers and high impact content.

Reconnect with your brand advocates who have not visited your site for a while. Engage them with personalized emails to help win them back.

Discover who to target for optimal success with our smart, dynamic customer segmentation. We’ll show you your conversion rate and your best and least converting customer segments to help inform your marketing campaigns.

Deliver targeted emails

  • Decrease your basket abandonment rate by sending personalized emails based on customer browsing behaviour and previous orders.
  • Win back old customers with we miss you emails.
  • Access clear email campaign analytics such as delivery, open, click and conversion rates in the Recommend dashboard.

Increase engagement with smart segmentation

Easily segment your shoppers and configure smart, dynamic segments to deliver truly personalized, engaging content. Display different homepage banners to new customers welcoming them to your site or reward loyalty by welcoming return customers back to your site. Increase conversions by showcasing more relevant products to customers depending on their average order value, or their previously ordered items.

Unlimited, powerful customer segmentation at your fingertips, including:

  • Average order value
  • Country
  • Device
  • First/ last visit date
  • First/ last order date
  • Total # of orders
  • Total spent
  • Customer source
  • Browsing history

Increase conversions by unleashing smart, sophisticated triggers combining multiple rules. Want to reward your most loyal customers from a certain country with a discount voucher? Display deals for them that other customers won’t see and make them feel special.

Recommend empowers you to connect with your customers like never before for unparalleled results.

Optimise your transactional emails for success

  • Improve the delivery and click rate of your transactional emails
  • Increase engagement by adding personalized product recommendations
  • Easily track every email your retail store sends to your customers
  • Discover all key metrics including open, delivery and click rates
  • Improve customers relations by quickly responding to customer queries regarding emails not being delivered

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