Ai, Machine Learning & eCommerce events 2022

For eCommerce and retailers, conferences and events are the perfect places for identifying opportunities and connecting with partners and providers that complement their business models. These are the events that will take place in the United Kingdom and Europe in 2022:




  • When: 10-12 Feb 2022
  • Where: Cannes, France & Online

The World AI Cannes Festival was born out of the desire to bring together businesses and individuals in Artificial Intelligence. Through a rich and diverse lineup, attendees are invited to discover and understand the many ways in which artificial intelligence impacts our daily lives. In addition, businesses will be called to showcase their knowledge and experiences and network with leading industry players and decision-makers.


Deep Learning Hybrid Summit

  • When: 17-18 Feb 2022
  • Where: Online

These events bring together the latest technological advancements and practical examples to apply AI to solve challenges in business and society. Meanwhile, it is a unique mix of academia and industry that enables to meet up with AI pioneers at the forefront of research and explore real-world case studies to discover the business value of AI.



Adobe Summit: The Digital Experience Conference

  • When: 15-17 March 2022
  • Where: Online

The worldwide virtual event is back — and free. Join Experience Makers everywhere to learn new skills, be inspired, and make connections that will help you create better customer experiences for all.


Ecommerce Summit

  • When: 24 March 2022
  • Where: Brussels, Belgium

Get inspired, gain new insights and grow your network! Be part of the Ecommerce Summit and lift your business to the next level. Shape the digital future by joining us in June. Likewise, you will delve into the e-commerce world and discover the trends that will dominate the Ecommerce landscape in 2022: e-payment, customer experience and relationships, ultra-personalization, omnichannel approach, AR/VR, machine learning & AI, and more.



World Retail Congress

  • When: 5-7 April 2022
  • Where: Rome, Italy

The World Retail Congress brings together today’s global retail industry leaders: from multi-national powerhouses to game-changing start-ups and disruptors. In this edition, attendees will learn to understand today’s consumers and ensure that their businesses innovate at the high velocity needed to thrive in the twenty-first century.


Ecommerce Warsaw Expo

  • When: 14 April 2022
  • Where: Warszawa, Poland

The Ecommerce Warsaw Expo is one of the most critical events for online sellers in Poland. Above all, the one-day event will attract more than 4,000 participants.  



Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

  • When: 09-11 May 2022
  • Where: London, UK

This conference addresses the most significant challenges that data analytics leaders face as they build the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future. Similarly, attendees will learn strategies and innovations backed by data and analytics, how to deploy data and analytics to harness the incredible power of people, process and technology, and simplify organizational decision making with advanced data analytics capabilities.


World Data Summit

  • When: 18-20 May 2022
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This three-day conference will help attendees better understand developing an analytical model for their business and customer growth. In addition, experts will discuss all aspects of data analysis, how to work with unstructured data, and how to upgrade data visualization and interpretability to the next level. On the other hand, attendees can also dig deeper into customer analytics or increase their technical knowledge by attending workshops.


Machine Learning Prague

  • When: 27-29 May 2022
  • Where: Prague, Czech Republic

At ML Prague 2022, you can look forward to another excellent lineup of 45 international experts in ML and AI business and academic applications. For instance, they will present advanced practical talks, hands-on workshops and other forms of interactive content to you.



Ai Enterprise Summit 2022 

  • When: 09-10 Jun 2022
  • Where: Online

This is a meeting for practitioners. All the goal- and practice-oriented people at organizations worldwide want to become a part of the AI revolution in business. Data scientists, software developers, Machine Learning experts, DevOps engineers, and managers who wish to implement AI solutions into their companies.


The AI Summit London 2022 

  • When: 15-16 Jun 2022
  • Where: London, UK

The AI Summit is the world’s only event to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations – the real solutions that are transforming business productivity.



Ai4 2022 

  • When: 17-19 Aug 2022 (TBC)
  • Where: Online

This event brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of AI and machine-learning technology. Similarly, organizers say their mission is to help provide a common framework for what AI means to enterprises and the future of the world.



Digital Transformation Week 

  • When: 20-21 Sept 2022
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This event is designed for digital and IT leaders who drive change and innovation within their organizations and look to learn from peers accelerating digital transformation.


Deep Learning Summit London 

  • When: 22-23 Sept 2022
  • Where: London, UK & Online

This event brings together the latest technological advancements and practical examples for how to apply AI to solve challenges in business and society. Likewise, the mix of academia and industry allows attendees to meet with AI pioneers at the forefront of research and explore real-world case studies to discover the business value of AI.