Recommend in numbers – Infographic

Recommend-Infographic Users Data

How many emails our users sent through Recommend monthly? From what industries our users come from? We’ve put together some interesting data about our platform.

As a personalisation for e-commerce and 360º marketing platform, Recommend allows your online business to provide a unique experience for your visitors. Firstly, when browsing your website. Secondly, after making a purchase. From the first stages of your acquisition strategy to all the actions to retain your customers. Most importantly, Recommend provides you with the tools you need to create a strong and valuable relationship with your customers.

The following infographic displays our users’ industries; most used features, emails and push notifications sent through the platform (monthly and yearly), and our customers’ devices to access the solution (mobile vs desktop). One of the most impressive insights is the volume of marketing messages that our platform delivers every month: more than 25 million emails and up to 700.000 push notifications – including transactional emails, marketing communications and promotional campaigns. 



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Certainly, the e-commerce landscape is more competitive than ever. Above all, standing out is vital for your business’s longevity. If you are looking to streamline your processes, Recommend is the right tool for you.  It is personalisation for e-commerce and 360º marketing platform. Request a demo today by clicking the button below:


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