Product Update: Dashboard

Product update - Dashboard

At Recommend we always take into account our users’ feedback. Our strategy for 2021 is to make our platform as seamless, effective, and user-friendly as possible. We are looking to improve, not only the design and usability but also our clients’ experience while implementing our solution to optimise their businesses.

This rebranding has been planned to update our image and be at the top of the trends. While this occurs, we’ve decided to start implementing some changes to the dashboard and other main features, such as account settings and billing, as a preview of what’s to expect in the near future. Let’s take a look at these new changes:


The general view of your website performance is critical to understanding how your actions affect your business. This brand new dashboard gives you a more insightful and informative view of all your data, from real-time website visitors to their place in the buyers’ journey, including devices, location, and purchase behaviour.



My websites

Recommend allows clients to connect as many domains as they need. Thanks to this new view your brand will have access to all your websites via interactive cards. These cards include the visualisation of:

  • Pageviews
  • Revenue from on-site recommendations / Recommend emails / Recommend push notifications>
  • Total revenue
  • Customers currently online
  • Account name and website URL
  • Added Sandbox section to My Websites page to separate dev/local/staging accounts from live ones

Light/Dark Mode

Now, our users have the ability to change the appearance of their control panel to set up light or dark mode. The “auto” mode stands for the default theme of the users’ preferred browser.





To enhance the user experience and interface, we’ve also implemented an expanding menu, and device optimised view. If users are checking the control panel from a mobile or a tablet, the responsive design will adapt accordingly, to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Some other sections, such as Billing and User Account Settings, have also been redesigned to improve our users’ experience.

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