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Recommend is a personalisation and marketing platform for e-commerce businesses. It is a way for your brand to deliver an unrivalled, personal user experience. It is also a tool to access real-time insights to optimise your website, conversion and spending.

Recommend offers your brand a suite of tools that work together, powered by AI, to help grow your business by gathering, analysing and using data while optimising your website:

  • Personalised Shopping & Recommendations
  • Messaging: Email & Push Campaigns / Automation Campaigns
  • Product Merchandising 
  • Visual Search

Messaging: Manage your brand’s email marketing campaigns

Email is one of the top channels for B2B and B2C alike. Close to 90% of marketing strategies rely on email marketing campaigns, after social media, to stay in contact with customers. First of all, it is a great channel to communicate promotions or share news or product updates, and secondly, it is one of the main tools for nurturing users and turning leads into customers.

Recommend optimises your e-commerce website while gathering information about your website visitors. For instance, this data not only allows the platform to predict patterns and suggest tactical actions but Recommend can also be used as an email marketing platform to maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.




Our messaging service includes Email & Push Notifications and Automated Campaigns. 

Email & Push Notifications 

Manage all your marketing communications within the platform, sharing highly personalised and targeted content with your customers:

  • Email
  • On-site messages
  • Push notifications

Most importantly, by using the information provided by your website visitors and customers, your brand will be able to spot opportunities. Thanks to AI, our platform can advise on the best timing and channel for your messages based on customer behaviour, device and location.


Messaging - Push Notification


Automation Campaigns 

Above all, our Messaging services have helped our current clients increase traffic, page views, open rate, and CTR by 20-25%. 

In addition, using your own website’s data can set up marketing automation, transactional messages, and promotional campaigns: welcoming emails and follow-up messages after completing a purchase or cart abandonment and other trigger-based messages. 

In fact, you will avoid silos within your marketing strategy. Our solution will advise how to get the best results. We’ve recently launched our Campaign Expert Package to help you start using our messaging service while getting support from our team.

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Personalisation is a vital part of any eCommerce business. Recommend allows your business to grow in the right direction while curating a unique shopping experience for your website visitors. Request a demo by clicking the button below:

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