Recommend: Product updates round-up

Product updates - July 2021jpg

June has been a very busy month for our team. We’ve been working really hard to keep improving our solution to provide you with the best results possible. The updates list includes some of our main features: Product Merchandising, Visual Search, and Smart Campaigns.

Let’s do a quick recap of the overall improvements:

Showing your best products

Three new rules have been added to enhance our Product Merchandising functionality. First, we’ve developed a new catalogue page aimed to promote and show products in the first positions in the product listing, following selected values:

  • Quantity of products sold / existence
  • Revenue generated by the item
  • Sale ratio (qty of items sold divided by item views).

Merchandising rules-v1


A more precise Visual Search

One of the most powerful tools available on Recommend is now more precise than ever. The Visual Search functionality can now identify and define a style more accurately, settings are more convenient for our users, and we’ve released new sorting rules for visual similarities.


visual search

Campaign Tags

Our Smart Campaigns have become smarter. Now, several users can edit the campaigns (allowing big teams to work simultaneously), and tags are available to different group campaigns.

Campaign tags allow users to introduce another level of a campaign type – a logical group. Thus, now it is possible to manipulate logical campaign groups more naturally and conveniently to make the communications even more personalised.

Campaign Tags (Smart Sending and Pause Activity)-v2

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