How to use Blue Monday in your marketing strategy


The third Monday of January is called Blue Monday because it is considered the “most depressing day of the year”. This belief has no scientific basis. However, the lack of energy and optimism after the holiday season is a fact. And, many of us experience this melancholy during January.

It is important to have these dates in mind, especially since stress and poor mental health cost UK companies between £ 33 billion and £ 42 billion per year due to reduced productivity. Focusing on one day will not solve this systemic problem. Although, being aware of the issue and providing alternatives is a good way to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

The so-called “Blue Monday” can be faced in different ways, and one of them is to give us a treat. Either disconnect for a few minutes during the day, go to a spa, eat out with friends or go for a walk. You can dissipate the effect of “Blue Monday” by doing something positive about it.

How do we implement those same actions if we talk about brands? Very easy. Instead of treating “Blue Monday” as another opportunity to sell, make it all about your customers. Provide them with different options to treat themselves and feel better. Remember that personalisation is about identifying and channelling the interests of your users and offering them what they are looking for.

Light up the Blue Monday

Here is a list of personalised actions to improve your Blue Monday:

  • Be grateful and show it: If you have had a good closing of the year, why not send a message of thanks to your users? Your customers want to feel listened, and say thanks is a nice way to show that you are there for them.
  • Clearance: Today is a perfect excuse for pushing older inventory through your systems and give to your unsold products a potential new lease of life.
  • Give more: Behavioral data will help you identify different customer segments, including potential consumers. Why not raise the sales by as much as 10% to make these new visitors feel catered and welcome?
  • It’s all about love: Get ahead of your competitors. Instead of focusing on Blue Monday, offer some preview of what you have prepared for Valentine’s Day. A list of trend products or the best gifts for that day will allow them to think about something else.
  • Invite them to share ideas on social media: Create an online competition in your social channels where users share their ideas to overcome Blue Monday. The person with the best idea takes a gift or a discount on its next purchase.

And remember, personalisation is not only available to sell your products. It is a strategy that will improve the relationship with your users and, therefore, your brand’s credibility. If you don’t have a personalization platform implemented for your eCommerce business yet, contact us or sign up for our free trial.