Best timing for Email Marketing

Email-Marketing timing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels to communicate with customers. Most online adults use and check their email every day, making it one of the best digital marketing tools for brands.

Email marketing is a great channel that boosts ROI and generates leads, but also it is the preferred way to be contacted across generations (boomers, millennials and Gen Z). On the other hand, newsletters are the most effective way to use content marketing organically, supported by promotional campaigns and social media actions.

However, suppose these communications are not based on your website data and customer behaviour. In that case, your segmentation will become silos, and your activities are anything but personal either relevant to your customers.

Optimise for mobile

According to Optinmonster, the first thing users check at the beginning of the day is their emails. If an email is read on mobile and then read for a second time on desktop, there are 65% more chances than that consumer will click through.

So, optimisation for mobile is more than a simplified version of your website. In fact, these types of interactions and transactions that take place in smartphones is called m-commerce.

Our platform offers you the possibility to combine emails and push notifications for your marketing communications. AI technology can also predict patterns and advise which channel is the best depending on the user.


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Email Marketing: Timing is everything

Landing in the inbox or the spam folder is a matter of timing. So, following specific rules and times slot will help you achieve the best results for your marketing campaigns.

Research by Kissmetric identified different types of users by time of the day. However, everybody agreed on one thing: Nobody checks promotional emails from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. A time frame also called “the dead zone”.

If your brand wants to catch early birds during the weekends, better try a different approach. The study showed that users mark as an “abusive behaviour” any promotional email received before 11:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

So, what times are the best times? The beginning of the working day seems to be the most effective time to send emails. Consumers are drinking their coffee before starting their workday. Others are commuting, so the attention to promotions is greater. Despite what it seems, lunchtime (noon to 2:00 pm) is not a good opportunity for brands. Users tend to read the news, online magazines, or browse Instagram instead of reading their emails.

The second best time frame for promotions is the end of the working day. Up to 20% of users open and read promotional messages after leaving work. Most importantly, leisure time is also a good time to send sports and gym promotions. More than 23% of users click through this type of email.

Recommend as a Digital Marketing Platform

Recommend is not only personalisation for your eCommerce but also is a digital marketing platform. Powered by AI, our Automation and Email & Push Notifications services are the right tools to keep communication between your brand and your customers.

These services have been created to streamline your communication efforts while gathering behavioural data from your website. As a result, your brand can understand who your visitors are and what matters to them, making your communication unique, relevant, and timely.

One of the most significant advantages of using an all-in-one platform like Recommend is to have all your process streamlined. For example, thanks to AI, our solution can suggest the best timing for your campaigns based on previous users’ interactions. Other possibilities include sending the campaign in batches to avoid heavy traffic or website overload.

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