The benefits of personalisation for a CMO


Creating a marketing strategy and carrying it out requires time and investment. Personalisation is not just about scheduling social media posts or including a user’s name in an email. As a CMO, you should be aware of the benefits that AI and machine learning can bring to your business.

The automation of marketing actions increases productivity, business reach and conversions. The use of personalisation platforms allows the CMO to focus on the strategy, helping it saving time, effort and giving its team more effective and result-driven tasks.

Personalisation platforms, such as Recommend collect data from the website’s visitors and have tools that allow the brand to interact with those users in a personalised and relevant way. Also, automation helps with lead generation, streamlines sales activities, and enables you to measure the ROI of marketing campaigns easily.

Personalisation and automation increase up to 14.5% in sales and a 12.2% reduction in general marketing expenses. Besides, the number of potential customers and conversions can increase by up to 80%.

Create and send personalised and timely content

Your users want unique and relevant content for them. Customers want to feel seen and heard by brands, from sending a welcome email to transactional emails and push notifications. Likewise, transactional emails have a 2-fold higher opening rate and a 3-fold higher click-through rate.

Customisation and automation allow a brand to be in the user’s mind for a longer time. Studies have shown that consumers are faithful to a maximum of up to five brands. So, be among those five brands is of vital importance to your eCommerce business. Personalisation must be able to speak in a specific context for each visitor and also be relevant.

In the case of email marketing campaigns and push notifications – two functionalities available in Recommend – these are more effective when sent at the right time to the right person. The best way to carry out these actions is to have different automation flows that activate emails and notifications as soon as the subscriber performs a particular activity.


Tracking results

As a CMO, monitoring results is a fundamental part of your marketing actions. This allows identifying the activities with the best results and those that should be reviewed, improved, or even paused. Once you implement automation and content personalisation, what remains is to adjust the actions and measure the results.

In Recommend, the reports section includes an overview of your eCommerce business’s performance and specific visions related to sales, products, and categories. Also, the platform lets you measure the results of your marketing communications. As well as transactional emails and push notifications, including open rate, CTR and revenue generated.


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