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Boxing Day is the new Black Friday

In recent years, Boxing Day has risen as the day to get the maximum revenue for retailers. In 2018, during Boxing Day only a total of £ 8.8 million in sales was registered. It was a record day of spending in the United Kingdom. More than 27 million people around the country purchased something. A significant result compared to the £ 12 million spent during the Christmas and New Year period together. Read more

How to use Recommend panels to increase conversions

Several investigations have shown that personalisation can generate up to a 6% increase in revenue per visitor. How to get the best of Recommend to increase your traffic, improve conversion and, most importantly, the relationship with your customers? By using one of the tools available in your dashboard: Panels and Panels Placement.

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Tips to reduce your cart abandonment ratio

Your website is the window to your brand. How do you present yourself and your products to your audience, says a lot about your values; how much do you care about your customers; and how much do you want to sell your products and increase your overall results and revenues.

The website is online, the strategy is in place, and you are getting a lot of traffic from your content, social media and advertising. However, something doesn’t seem right.

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