Introducing our Marketing Automation Module

Marketing Automation

The number of global email users is set to grow to 4.48 billion by 2024, meaning that the potential of Marketing Automation to keep driving traffic and revenues is at an all-time high. The global B2C eCommerce sales are forecasted to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021. And email marketing is one of the most effective channels for revenue generation. For every pound spent, brands can expect an average return of £42.

Therefore, hyper-personalised marketing automation campaigns are the most effective way of driving more traffic to your site. Plus, increase the number of orders and their average value. Most importantly, it will help improve engagement and relationship with your audience.

Why Marketing Automation is important

  • Businesses that implement marketing automation experience an average of a 451% increase in qualified leads
  • 44% of companies that implement marketing automation see a return on investment within six months and 76% of companies see it within the first year
  • Email campaigns segmented by user interest see 74.53% higher click rates
  • Segmented email campaigns see 100.95% higher clickthrough rates as compared to non-segmented email campaigns

Customer segmentation: The secret of personalisation

Firstly, when you optimise your website with Recommend, you are unleashing the power of artificial intelligence and our sophisticated data-gathering technology. Once our platform is in place and working, our dynamic self-learning system starts tracking and analysing your customers’ behaviours. From where do they come from and the device they use to the browsing and purchasing journey they follow.

Recommend allows you to segment your customers and website visitors following a wide range of criteria. From demographics (gender, age), psychographics (interests, affinities), pages viewed (landing pages, about us pages, etc.), eCommerce interactions (purchase history, abandoned carts, last order), referral traffic source (social channel, Google ad, etc.) to geo-location or device used, among others.


Automation campaigns & Email and Push campaigns

Likewise, by having access to your users’ data, browsing and purchase history, you can send personalised push notifications and emails to anticipate their needs and interests.

Automation Campaigns

Thanks to our messaging feature you can send personalised emails for events and promotions. Also, transactional messages (emails and push notifications) for order status, order receipt, cart abandonment, and so on. You can set up everything without leaving the platform. Collect and analyse behavioural data from transactions, purchase patterns and journeys to spot opportunities to increase your conversions and revenue.

Email and Push campaigns

Customer data, personalised templates, and trigger events in the customer journey determine Recommend’s Email and Push campaigns. Emails and push notifications are automatically generated for each step in the campaign. Besides, ‘forks’ create additional paths that respond to customer behaviour in even more detail. Users can combine delivery methods in one campaign. For example, sending a push notification to a customer, then an email an hour later if the user doesn’t open the message.

In fact, Recommend allows you to tailor your push notifications to specific groups or events (ex: a special sale event for loyal customers, product replenishment or cart abandonment reminders). This helps your brand to avoid generic or irrelevant messages. The platform harnesses data about each person that visits your website, translating all it in a customised push-notification with maximum results.

Email and Push Campaigns