Product Update: Messaging

Product Update-Messaging

These past few weeks, our developers were working on some improvements to our Messaging module. We know how important it is to have a good email marketing strategy. Still, the little details also matter, especially when it comes to e-commerce and retailers and their customer relationships.

Furthermore, as a part of our ongoing series of “Product Update” posts, here are our latest improvements:

Set up a “reply-to” address for your Mass Campaigns.

Usually, when a user receives an automated message from a company, it cannot reply. The action of looking for the right email across the brand’s website is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. This can affect the relationship with your brand in the long term. We have released new functionality to set a separate “reply-to” email address for mass campaigns.

Firstly, What does this mean?

  • This “reply-to” email address will be different to the one used to send your campaigns.
  • This new address will allow companies to receive replies to their marketing and promotional campaigns separately.

Secondly, thanks to this functionality, your team can set a specific email address to receive replies and deal with these specific customer requests at any time.

to-reply email

Send emails by order status.

Personalised emails can make a huge difference in your relationship with your customers. Above all, the relevancy and timing of your messages can be the final trigger to purchase, add more products to the shopping cart, return to your website, and complete a transaction.

We’ve added the possibility to select “order status” as a Smart Campaign trigger. Besides customer status, you can send messages following the situation of an order: completed, delivered, payment pending, among other criteria.

Order status


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