Take a look at our new manuals to help you use all features of Recommend.

In order to really get the most out of Recommend and all its integral features, it’s important to immerse yourself in the functionality of the platform and get a full understand of how it all works. The ins and outs are not overly complex but in order to iron out any doubts and uncertainties, we have created a series of manuals, each relating to different aspects of the platform. The manuals are available below and can be downloaded in PDF format. Each will help you get a clear understanding of the platform so you can hit the ground running and start building your online store and undertake all the marketing efforts that you see fit. Let’s take a look at the manuals available:

Recommend – Account and Tracking Setup Manual

In this manual, we outline in a step-by-step straightforward way all the tasks you need to do to complete set-up of your recommend account. This manual comes complete with handy screen grabs so that you can see clearly which buttons you need to click on the various screens throughout the set-up.

Recommend – Account and Tracking Setup

Recommend – Triggered Emails Manual

With the help of Recommend, you can easily set up triggered email campaigns to drive sales and increase revenue. Triggered emails are automatically generated emails, triggered by a specific customer behavior. The manual shows retailers how they can set up these triggered emails via a template, where they will be required to complete a number of fields to complete setup.

Recommend – Triggered Emails