How to make your brand communication more interactive

Brand communication

Personalisation is a fundamental part of the marketing strategy of any e-commerce business. However, its implementation covers all aspects of customer interaction – from the moment a user visits a website, interacts with a publication on social media or receives emails or push notifications from a brand.

In previous posts, we have explained the importance of good use of email marketing. In addition to how you can use Recommend to manage your marketing communication. This channel continues to be one of the most effective for retailers. Still showing very high ROI, opens and click rates.

Now, Recommend users have wondered how to make their brand communication more interactive, and we have the answer.


Smart Campaigns using the variety of Recommend’s triggers.


If you are not familiar with our Smart Campaigns, it is one of the modules available in our solution that allows your brand to manage all communications with your customers. Our solution lets your team send transactional, promotional and brand messages (emails and push notifications).

By using our solution to optimise your e-commerce website, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Our AI-powered platform gathers and analyses information about your website visitors to predict patterns and deliver a unique and personalised shopping experience.

So, your marketing communications are even more relevant to your customer by having access to this data. But, how can you use Recommend triggers to make your communications more interactive?


Smart Campaign triggers


For example, you can determine that a customer can receive different types of emails depending on if it places an order or not. Besides, further campaign actions will depend on whether it clicks on an email and what type of email. You can use a different course of action as you need, depending on the behaviour of your customers:



The ultimate personalisation platform.


Having all your resources within the same solution is an advantage. It allows your brand to take advantage of behavioural data to offer a truly personalised experience for each one of your customers. This journey doesn’t end on your website, au contraire. It is powered by these interactions to improve your communication with your clients’ afterwards.

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