Product update: Merchandising & Catalog


Another month and another round of product updates. This time, our development team finalised the first version of the Catalog, one of the services available in our Product Merchandising feature. Powered by AI, this module provides brands with the insights to use product recommendations most effectively.

By allowing Recommend to analyse and optimise your e-commerce website, you gather valuable information about your website visitors and current customers. Applying those insights in their shopping journey guarantees a unique experience, returning visitors and satisfied customers.

Let’s see some of the new features available for Catalog: 

Merchandising scores to analyse results of the sorting 

Products will be sorted from the ones with the highest score to the lowest. Then, while adjusting the Sorting Rules, the eCommerce manager can review the resulting scores. Then, it can define the level of impact of each parameter, and adjust weight multipliers for the corresponding sorting rule if needed.

Merchandising scores

E-com stats for products with the ability to see sales diagram for different periods

This View helps eCommerce managers review products’ performance at the top of their sorted catalogue using the most important KPIs. The most critical metric is impressions in this particular case: how often customers have seen a page with this product in the recommendation panel). 

E-com stats

Ability to preview recommendation panels on how they will look on the website/app.

This will work for product, category, or based on the stats for all customers. But will not work for customer-related panels (like recently viewed or shopping bags). For example, every customer will have individual “recently viewed” products. Correspondingly, recommendations to them will also be individual and based on their own browsing history. 

Product panel preview


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