Recommend: Introducing our brand new image

First of all, we want to thank you for being part of the Recommend family. We appreciate your support through the years. We listened to your feedback, and that’s why we are always evolving and improving. This time we are thrilled to introduce our new logo, user interface and website design: minimal, slick and modern.

“Create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback.” Neil Patel



What’s new: Brand new logo and style

Following design and branding trends, our logo and the design of our platform have been improved. We have decided to change our image and implement a more modern and minimalist style. Our logo, website and user interface reflect our constant evolution as a pioneering and cutting-edge solution for e-commerce businesses.


UI updated and more features explained.

Our brand new site shows a fresher look & feel to be more on top of current trends. The product and our main features are now explained more clearly and in detail. Also, this new version highlights two of our most relevant features: Messaging and Product Merchandising. Not only Recommend is a personalisation platform for e-commerce; it is also a 360º marketing platform where you can manage all your brand communications –from transactional emails to promotional campaigns, powered by data directly from your website.

Recommend - Product Page

Resources Page: Blog, eBooks, and more

Our resources page is updated every week with product updates and insightful blog posts, including the option to subscribe to our newsletter to get our content right into your inbox. The eBooks section is the results of the hard work of our team of industry experts. Our goal is to bring you the latest news, best practices and insights on AI, personalisation, e-commerce, online retailers, digital marketing and more. We also have updated our price packages. No fee. Your revenue is yours to keep.

Recommend Blog



Please, check our website and let us know your thoughts!