Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors


Personalisation is an integral part of any marketing strategy but also a key factor when it comes to brand ambassadors. Your buyers’ journey is the place to look for the right insights when it comes implementing personalisation and product recommendations.

When the brand knows its customers and speaks to them as individuals, they will return the favour by engaging with the brand, purchasing their products and, eventually, becoming a brand ambassador if the experience surpasses the user’s expectations.

However, having data and insights don’t mean that you know your customers. Right now, the access to information about the customer preferences, paths and behaviours is easy to obtain but not so easy to understand.

Don’t land your efforts by calling your customers by their names in your emails. If you want to win your visitors trust and turn them into loyal customers and, finally, brand ambassadors, you need to deliver personalised content that resonates with them.


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IoT: connecting the online and offline world

There’s no excuse. Thanks to AI, machine learning, and the evolution of the IoT (Internet of Things), your customer experience can and must be cohesive across channels. Applying a holistic approach is what can guarantee your success in the long term.

The first contact with a customer can define the path between losing a client or gaining a new brand advocate. The time and relevance of your marketing communications is a decisive factor. With personalisation and 360º marketing platform, like Recommend, you can optimise your website while gathering and analysing your website visitors’ data to use it accordingly:

The new visitors arriving at your eCommerce website will want to see the latest or trendy products. The returning visitors want to be remembered by your brand. How to do that? By analysing their browsing behaviour, location and device, to name a few criteria.

Imagine that you arrive at a brick-and-mortar shop and the employees know your name, what do you like and what suits you best. That’s personalisation. Exceptional customer experience can turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

When it comes to online and offline, there’s no difference. Thanks to the IoT, automation, and personal devices, your recommendations and personalised offers have no barriers. Use the data and the technology to make the best of your customer experience; give them what they want and anticipate their needs.




The best ambassadors are your customers

Customer loyalty and personalisation go hand in hand. A brand that listens and engages with its customers will receive the same response in return. The use of personalisation to improve customer retention can have a direct impact on your company’s results.

It is more expensive to acquire a new customer than to get current customers to spend more. Give your audience the so-called “digital hugs” –the ability to surround the customer with affection across the main digital channels, while providing relevant experience in the context and time– and they will come back for more.

Your customers will no longer settle for an average experience. They want a personalised treatment, a brand that speaks to them and gives them what they need at each stage of their journey. But don’t forget that those needs are continually changing.

By using Recommend and harnessing the power of AI, you can have access to live statistics. These data will help you predict what your customers want. Once you know what they’re looking for, you can design campaigns that provide the right experience where and when it’s relevant to them. Mixing machine-driven analysis and your creativity is the key to creating the best online shopping experience.

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