Improve your conversion rate with push notifications


Customers want personalised content that feels exclusively for them, instead of feeling like part of a vast database of online shoppers. In fact, by 2021, will be 2.14 billion of online buyers. Improving your relationship with them to drive growth and engagement to your e-Commerce should be a fundamental part of your strategy. 


Thanks to AI and machine learning, personalisation platforms have arrived to help retailers understand their customers’ needs, interests and behaviour. By the power of data, online shops can create and send personalised content. Personalisation helps them to improve the customer journey, thanks to marketing communications, transactional emails and push notifications.

Push notifications? Yes. These “calls to action” are the pathway to the future, for their speed, proven results and broad reach. Most importantly, despite email marketing being one of the most successful ways to communicate with users, push notifications have an advantage: they arrive straight to the user’s smartphone screen, grabbing its attention immediately.

push notifications

What are Push Notifications

Push notifications are short pop-up messages that the customers receive in their smartphones. Therefore, they appear on the screen, and when clicked lead back to your brand’s app or website. The mastery of push notifications is that they can reach consumers anytime, anywhere through their mobiles and can be customised.

Why should you use it?

According to the 2018 Edition of the Push Notification Benchmark for Mobile Applications, in H1 2018 the average worldwide opt-in rate (% of mobile app users who accept to receive this type of message) was 67.5%. Above all, this means that more than half the users chose to receive and saw value in push notifications. In conclusion, the leading sectors are Finance (72.3%), Travel (70.2%) and E-commerce (68%).