Unboxing the very latest features from Recommend

Working closely with the businesses we support, we have identified our top priority development tasks, which will help us to provide the very best in personalisation.

We are excited to announce the upgrades we’re making to our current services and the new services that are being developed and introduced this year. 2022 will see the release of our:

  • Experience Manager

With this feature you can set variations of your website content, to drive engagement and conversion. You can assign content to different audiences, activate content for a limited time, and run A/B tests. It allows you to experiment with the website content, analyse and evaluate the variations and optimise performance. Early access will be provided in June 2022, with full access later in the year. 

  • Advanced Messaging Delivery

Use our advanced AI to decide which notification to send, and when, based on customer behavior, device and location. Further personalise your sending, by selecting the correct time zones for your audience, and send by subscriptions status. Further to this, we are adding in-app messaging, enabling Recommendations and intelligent delivery in push notifications and developing A/B testing for campaigns. This enhances our mass and smart sending to better reach your target audience. This feature will be ready to use by Q4 2022.

  • Audience Manager

We are enhancing our Audience Manager feature to maximise the data available to you through your customer profiles. Within the audience explorer section we are creating a segment overview so you can easily track and use your segments. There are also some incredible features such as attribute affinity, new KPI models and product and order reporting. Maximise the value of each of your customers, by targeting them individually, and as part of a highly personalised segment.

  • Shopify Module

Our Shopify module is also at the forefront of our 2022 roadmap. We are excited to introduce this integration option in Q2 2022.


Our goal for 2022 is to continue to provide solutions for all of our partners. Essentially, our goal is to help them achieve their goal. Share your goals with us and let’s see how we can help you achieve them.