Spilling the Secrets: 5 Ways Online Retailers Boost Revenue by £946,883 Per Month

Our digital lives revolve around secret codes and algorithms. How does Google really prioritise search? How does facebook know who your 6th grade english teacher is? How does Amazon recommend such relevant products to  you?

Even the techiest of coders amongst us doesn’t know all of the answers, as companies keep the secrets to their success to themselves. (And let’s be honest, even if we did publish our complicated algorithms, it would bore 99% of you).

But we do have some secrets that we can share. Such as how one of our top clients made an extra £946,883 in revenue in one single month! 

After developing over 600 eCommerce sites, we’re ready to share some insider tips and tricks on how to optimise your site for success.

As part of our new weekly blog series, we ‘spill the secrets’ to easily boosting your revenue and doubling engagement without any tech training or expensive developers.

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London Fashion Week S/S18: 7 Quick Ways to Boost Sales & Delight Shoppers

It’s that time of year again. With S/S18’s fashion weeks kicking off today in New York, then London, Milan and Paris, the fashion pack are primed and ready to go.

And so are your shoppers.

So as your customers get ready to ‘shop the trend’ and crawl Instagram for the latest style inspiration, how does the savvy retailer get a piece of the action?

It’s not too late! Here are 7 tips to quickly increase your sales and put a smile on your customers’ faces this September:

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The Future of eCommerce is Here! : How Magento 2 & Recommend Skyrocket Results for Retailers

Our mission at Recommend is to empower retailers big and small to increase sales through seamless, affordable personalization. This is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Magento 2, which brings with it the new era of eCommerce innovation.

We believe that all retailers should have the tools to compete with eCommerce giants. Recognising that Magento is the best platform for retailers to do this, we built our personalization tool specifically for Magento to enhance seamless and powerful integration.

So, what are the main standout features of Magento 2?

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Having Abandonment Issues? : How to Transform Abandoned Baskets into Revenue with Targeted Emails

Basket abandonment rates have plagued online retailers since the dawn of eCommerce, with recent studies showing a huge 74% average cart abandonment rate worldwide. The great news is that the same report shows that this percentage is dropping every year, especially in mature markets such as Europe and North America where usability and technology is improving.

The even better news is that this is a huge opportunity for retailers such as you to reclaim lost sales. This audience visited your site for a reason and they took the time to pick the products that interested them providing you with a wealth of personalized information at your fingertips to win them back.

Personalized emails are the No. 1 way to transform this information into revenue.

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Brexit &eCommerce: European eCommerce market predicted to reach €509 bn in 2016, but how will Brexit affect this?

What an interesting time to be in eCommerce! Just weeks before the Brexit vote shook up Europe, eCommerce Europe published a report predicting that eCommerce is set to grow 12% this year with online sales set to generate a huge €509 billion.

Alongside France and Germany, the UK is responsible for more than 60% of this turnover, so how will this be affected by the UK leaving the EU and the taxes, tariffs and turmoil that is set to ensue? Only time will tell, and we will keep you updated on the changing market as it happens right here on the Recommend blog and social.

In the meantime, we breakdown some of the most interesting stats brought to light by this report to help inform your campaigns in these chaotic and exciting times:

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Small is Beautiful: How BOXPARK & Recommend Showcase the Comeback of Small Retailers

Great news! Small­scale businesses are making a comeback. In the digital age, small, independent retailers are able to thrive alongside the high street chains and eCommerce giants that were previously challenging them. And we are thrilled.

Our whole mission at Recommend is to provide small and independent retailers with simple, inexpensive access to the same personalization tools that eCommerce giants use. That’s why our partnership with BOXPARK Marketplace is a match made in retail heaven.

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue with Personalization

Your brand rocks. We know this. Your customer knows this. That’s why they’re browsing your online store. They already sort of want to buy that pair of jeans. But what can convince them to also buy that top that perfectly matches the jeans, or that necklace? How can you persuade them to not only spend more, but to return for more purchases? Or to recommend it to their friends?

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